It’s Yorkshire Girl’s First Birthday !

29th July 2017

Happy Birthday to me ! Yes it is exactly one year since I started this blog. Click here to read my very first blog post. Wow ! Time has flown so quickly. Don’t you think time flies by quicker as we get older ? I can remember as a youngster wishing my time away and desperately wanting to be an adult. Now, I would gladly hold back time if I could ( at least to stop the continual onset of wrinkles which keep appearing on my face at a rapid rate !)



Happy First Birthday To Me !

So what have I learnt in the last twelve months while running this blog ? Well firstly I am hugely proud of myself learning about all the technical aspects there is to running the blog. During my first few months of blogging I remember accidentally deleting a rather long blog post because of my limited knowledge on the technical side to running an online blog. When the blank page appeared before me I actually gasped and then cried for about ten minutes. After a cup of tea and a rather large bar of Dairy Milk, I picked myself up, brushed myself down and started all over again !



Blank Laptop Screens Are Not Good News !

I have completed various online courses into how to start and run a blog and for me, these courses were essential. Coming from a background where we didn’t even have computers at school, this online learning was a necessity to keep my blog running efficiently and to stop me having a melt down every time I pressed the wrong key on the lap top.

So twelve months on I actually feel more confident about my blog, so much so that I recently helped a friend set up her own blog. Now THAT is progress ! Due to poor health recently and a run of flu and other untimely illnesses I haven’t been as regimented about posting as I originally wanted to be. For me, getting into a routine is important as I work more efficiently. Therefore I have just created a new list of blog topics that I want to cover over the next twelve months and I aim to post these at designated times rather in the hap hazard fashion I have been doing.



Time To Set A Proper Agenda !

I have always been committed to posting blog topics that I am interested in, but also that I think you, my reader would be interested in. I am of course trying to concentrate my thoughts towards topics for the over 50’s ( and, as I am over 50 myself I don’t have any trouble finding interesting topics to write about ) However there are many things I write about in my blog that will appeal to all ages and gender, such as mental health issues or reviews on products or local establishments. However I obviously like to write from my own viewpoint ( a lady aged 54 )  rather than to try and write hoping to cover the topic from all ages. I think by doing this I give an honest and fair presentation of the blog topic.



If you have anything you would like me to write about then please email me at and I will see what I can do.

Until next time dear friends I think I will go now and have a piece of birthday cake with my afternoon cup of tea. Any excuse really !

Much love

Susanna x

6 responses to “It’s Yorkshire Girl’s First Birthday !”

  1. Congratulations Suzanna. I also write from a mid 50s perspective. I remember your first post and you telling us on IG. Keep it up. I also have learnt a lot through blogging and continue to do so and made a few friends too.

    • Susanna says:

      Thank you Anna. Yes I have definitely come a long way since the first blog post. Can’t believe how much I have learnt. Thanks so much for following my progress x Susanna x

  2. Nancy Baten says:

    Congretulations! I also came from not knowing anything about computers! I knew how to send an email and online shopping and that was it. Isn t it fantastic how we grew!

    • Susanna says:

      Hi Nancy ! Oh I know ! Our generation have had to learn quickly so we can keep up with all this new technology. I do love all this new way of communicating as it makes life so much easier. Although there is a little part of me that remains nostalgic about the good old days when children played outside instead of playing on the latest game console. I guess that’s progress 😉 Thanks so much for following my journey xx Susanna xx

  3. Toria says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YORKSHIRE GIRL! I look forward to reading more blogs in your second year.

    • Susanna says:

      Thanks Toria. The year has flown hasn’t it ? And now you have your own brilliant blog too ! Thanks for all your support. I do appreciate it xx Susanna xx

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