Picnics In England Whatever the Weather !

I know some of you will be reading this while watching the rain outside your window and wondering ‘why is this crazy woman writing about picnics at this time?’  Well, stay with me on this as I have every hope that the sun will return. Although as you will read in this blog post you don’t need the sun to enjoy a family picnic.

What does the word ‘picnics’ mean to you ? Personally I think of sunny days, floral tablecovers, bright coloured plates, children playing, and of course amazing food. For me picnics are a relaxing time without the formality of a dinner that takes hours to prepare. Of course we all know you DON’T need the sun to have a picnic. When my children were smaller we would often have indoor picnics. All you need is a tablecover or blanket spread on the floor and by using bright cheerful plates and cups and a selection of picnic food you have an instant picnic which cannot be spoilt by the weather.



I was recently sent a fabulous picnic hamper by the lovely people at Vale of Mowbray which is a fabulous Yorkshire company.  Vale of Mowbray started the production of their pork pies in 1928 in beautiful North Yorkshire and in 2013 achieved over 2 million pie sales so these guys know a thing or two about producing a good quality pork pie.  So with a few days of good weather predicted I decided to invite family round to my house for a picnic using the lovely hamper.




There was such a wide selection of pork pies, it was difficult to choose my favourite. Although, I think if I had to choose I would choose the Pork Pie with Egg, coupled with a nice green salad and some chutney. Just perfect !



Pork Pie with lashings of chutney. Yorkshire Chutney of course !

For our family picnic I made a few different salads to compliment the pork pies. I made a green salad, a rice salad and a tomato and mozzarella salad which all went nicely with the pies. Well, everything was eaten so I am presuming it was all well received. My poor husband was anticipating that there would be a pork pie left over for his lunch the next day but alas it was not to be !

To get into the summer spirit I bought some brightly coloured plates and glasses that I thought would look nice as well as been very practical due to the fact they were made from unbreakable material. I bought all the following from Matalan which have some great items for picnics whether you are are outdoors or indoors.




For me picnics are about relaxing in a casual setting with loved ones laughing and chatting whilst sharing good food. Sometimes we are so busy with our lives that time flashes by in an instant, so its important to make time for a catch up with family or friends. My ideal picnic would be spent with my daughters and their partners, my mum and my close friends. It doesn’t have to take too much time up in your day and too much effort getting food ready. Just grab some ready made snacks, a nice bottle of wine and invite your loved ones round for a couple of hours. Everyone will feel the benefit and it has hardly taken any effort at all.



Our family picnic. Notice Billy the cat in the Vale Of Mowbray hamper !




Chatting with my mum at the picnic. Doesn’t she look good for 88 years old ?!


And finally don’t forget to invite your fur babies. They are, after all part of the family. Sometimes my pets are just a little too involved in the picnic ! And here is Billy to prove my point !



Billy says ” Thank you Vale Of Mowbray for my new bed !”

I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of my latest family picnic. Let me know how you picnic. Do you wait for sunny days to picnic or do you picnic whatever the weather ? What does picnicking mean to you ?

Until next time dear friends

Much Love

Susanna xx

* Many thanks to the lovely people at Vale Of Mowbray for supplying my fabulous picnic basket for my family picnic. My views are my own.*



  1. Toria
    29th June 2017 / 8:47 am

    yum, yum. Yorkshire cuisine and culinary traditions – worth sharing.

    • Susanna
      29th June 2017 / 1:21 pm

      Looking at the terrible weather outside at the moment Toria, I think indoor picnics could become a whole new trend !

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