George’s First Blogging Event with Monster Pet Supplies.

As a blogger it is always an honour to be invited to events specifically organised for local bloggers. It is lovely to interact with other bloggers that I only usually see through my computer screen on social media. So you can imagine my excitement when an invitation dropped into my mailbox for my dog George to attend a promotional pet event in Leeds.


at the pet blogging event

George & I at the Monster Pet Supplies blogging event.


The event was held by Monster Pet Supplies  at the Mansion Hotel in beautiful Roundhay Park in Leeds. Monster Pet Supplies is an online store selling absolutely everything you could ever need for your pet. All pets are included from dogs to horses. This is a fabulous one stop shop selling everything from food to bedding and toys to healthcare. All the major brands are available on the easy to use website including Royal Canin, Lily’s Kitchen, Hills and Frontline. I like the idea of a one stop shop as it takes the stress out of visiting different places and shops for all your pet needs, especially if you have a few pets.


pet bloggers event

Gorgeous dog towels from Monster Pet Supplies. We have one of these for George and they are fabulous

Anyway we arrived at the Mansion Hotel on a drizzly Saturday morning to be greeted by the lovely staff from Monster Pet Supplies. Honestly, as a dog lover there is nothing nicer than for my dog to be genuinely welcomed into a place and here George was made to feel like the star of the show. He was welcomed with cuddles and a dog treat and was soon investigating the other dogs who had arrived for the event. Us ‘hooman beans’ were not left out either and Monster Pet Supplies had kindly set up a lovely table with refreshments including the nicest cakes ever ! Of course the dogs were the main event and so there was a huge table of doggie refreshments available including some of the nicest treats I had ever seen. Tables of dog toys were also there so George was very happy running up and down playing with the balls.


pet bloggers event

Lots of fab toys for the dogs to play with

On hand was a professional photographer who took many photos of the dogs and their owners with the specific task of taking a photo of each dog which could then be used on the website of Monster Pet Supplies. George was very well behaved while having his photo taken and I am very pleased to announce that he is now the brand rep for Purina Pro Plan on the company website. Please pop across and have a look at George. He looks so proud and handsome on his photo.


pet blogging event

George on the website of Monster Pet Supplies

During the event the company had even organised a dog treasure hunt for us all in Roundhay Park. So we picked up an Easter basket and set off with George looking for clues that would lead us to the treasure. I am pleased to announce we found all the eggs in order to claim our prize. It was great fun running round the park with George looking for clues with the other dogs and owners. I don’t think George had a clue what he was doing but he enjoyed playing with the other dogs en route to each clue. His prize was a dog Easter Egg. I know ! I had no idea that you could buy special dog Easter Eggs that are made with special ‘chocolate’. I am sure you all know that real human chocolate is extremely harmful to dogs so it is a great idea to have a special egg for dog so that they don’t miss out.


pet blogging event

George’s Easter Egg

George was presented with a huge box of goodies for attending the event which was so kind of Monster Pet Supplies. He was so excited with his box which was full of toys, treats, food, and useful items like water bowls, and dog towels.


pet bloggers event

George with his huge box of goodies from Monster Pet Supplies

We had such a lovely day with Monster Pet Supplies who were so welcoming and generous in their gifts for George, not forgetting the lovely refreshments they provided for the ‘hooman beans’. Please pop over to their website if you have pets and don’t forget to look out for George. Let me know if you see him. I have told him not to get too big headed now he is a star. I don’t want him to start acting like a diva do I ?


pet blogging event

George enjoying his day with Monster Pet Supplies

Until next time dear friends

Lots of love

Susanna x and George xx

Many thanks to everyone at Monster Pet Supplies for a lovely day out. And thank you for choosing George to be one of your brand reps on your website. We are very proud of him x

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