Children At University ? The Unibox Review

Do you have children at university ? If you do, I feel your pain. When my eldest daughter left for university I felt as though my world had caved in. My first born, whom had been by my side for eighteen wonderful years, left our home on a sunny September day for university in Manchester. I was inconsolable for many weeks. I often sat in her bedroom feeling like I had lost my best friend. Although I still had other children at home, the house was empty without her infectious laugh and our late night chats.

That feeling of ‘mothering’ and ‘nurturing’ doesn’t stop the moment your children leave home. Trust me, it just doesn’t. At the time of writing this that daughter of mine who left for university is now thirty years old and living in London, enjoying a fabulous career and social life. And still I worry about her. I worry that she may not be eating properly, or that she is travelling home late on the Tube. The worry never stops even when our children reach adulthood. The impact of this worry hits you the first time your child leaves home for university.


So when The Unibox contacted me asking me to look at their product I did so with a little excitement. I know, as a mother, how important it is to still feel like you are caring for your son or daughter while they are away.



So what is Unibox. Simply a subscription goodie box for university students sent by their parents, family, friends or loved ones. It’s a way of letting your child know that you are still thinking of them. You can still care for them with the amazing range of products in the box.

I often made up parcels for my children at university but it was time consuming finding all the products to put together. The Unibox means you don’t have to think about it, as it’s a subscription service which you can cancel at any time. Each box is different each month, but generally contains wholesome, healthy treats, fun, useful items, a magazine and a card.


contents of unibox



I received February’s box so I shall review that here, but please bear in mind each box is different each month. The first item I pulled out of the box was a very smart looking travel mug. This is perfect for students who are rushing from one lecture to another. Let’s face it, students are often late for lectures ! This travel mug is an exclusive design and is very on trend and I think any student would be very happy to receive this.


unibox travel mug

The next items were hidden away in the mug itself which was a nice surprise. Two bars of Mallow & Marsh which are a healthy, low calorie version of marshmallows and an organic, gluten free, vegan oat bar by Nom. All of these bars were delicious and a much healthier alternative to the refined sugar snacks that students usually eat.

Other edible goodies in the box included a jar of Little’s Chocolate Caramel Instant Coffee. This will be a hit with any young person, especially during those long, late nights of catching up with course work or dissertations that are due in. I know the feeling. We have all been there ! Finally in the edible section of the box is a bag of wasabi coated beans and peas by Quibbles. Again this is a great healthy alternative to some of the junk snack food that is out there. So at least you know your son or daughter is at least having SOME healthy food.


unibox edible goodies

A rather nice and thoughtful addition to the box is a multi vitamin oral spray by Better You. I think of all the products in the box this is my favourite. How many of us worry that our children are not eating well as soon as they leave home ? If your son or daughter has access to an easy to take multi vitamin like this, then you can be reassured that they are getting nutrients in some form or other.


vitamin spray in the unibox

Keeping on the theme of health and well being, also included in the box is a lovely handmade soap by Faith In Nature. This is a full size natural soap infused with essential oils and would be well appreciated by anyone. And at least, as a parent, you know they are getting washed each day ! Also in the box comes a pen ( welcomed by any student ) and a very useful mini magazine. The magazine is full of interesting information such as recipes and budgeting tips. You can even get advice on how to recycle your Unibox box and make it into a piggy bank !

soap in the unibox


magazine in the unibox



So in conclusion, what do I think to The Unibox ? Well, I am very impressed, both with the quality and choice of products. I love the lean towards healthy snacks rather than junk food, as that is something I would want to send my child. I absolutely love the inclusion of a multi vitamin spray as I remember my own concerns that my daughters were not eating properly. This at least gives them a chance to remedy all those takeaways they have been eating ! If you have children at university or you just want to send a gift to someone at university then this box is perfect.


Each Unibox costs from £22.50 depending on how many months you subscribe to. I think this is great value for money considering what you get in the box. You can cancel at any time and you can also skip months which is great if your little darling is away on a field trip or something.

Each box is timed to coincide with university term dates too so you don’t have to worry about when they will be received. You can specify a gender too although what I received in my box would be suitable for male or female. Postage is free too which is an added bonus as the box is quite large. I believe postage would be about £3.90 if you were to send your own via Royal Mail.

Please visit their website for more information. There is a 15% discount if you use the code UNIBOX15  ( this discount is offered at the time of writing and may not be available when you visit the website )

I hope you enjoyed this review of The Unibox. Please let me know if you have used The Unibox before and what your thoughts were.

Until next time dear friends

Susanna xx

** The Unibox was gifted to me for review purposes. My words and opinions are my own **



  1. 17th February 2017 / 3:15 pm

    Susanna, I’m so glad you explained what this is … I’ve been wondering for a while now.

    • Susanna
      19th February 2017 / 8:56 pm

      Its such a good idea Shelli. Am really quite impressed with both the idea and the quality of items in the box. Thanks for reading my blog xxx

  2. 16th March 2017 / 11:52 am

    What a super review and what an amazing box-love the US philosophy of care packages and this would have been perfect when I went to uni. I can appreciate that empty nest syndrome being so tough too. Wonderful pics and adore your profile one too smelling the roses: beautiful lady x

    • Susanna
      17th March 2017 / 4:55 pm

      Aw thank you Vicki. It means a lot to me for you to read my blog and comment. Yes, I wish there had been a Uni Box when I was at university. I can remember my mum sending me little parcels every month of biscuits and other goodies. Its such a good idea and I am sure the idea will take off in the UK. Thank you so much for commenting.
      Susanna xx PS. Empty Nest is the worst feeling. When I have got to grips with it I will let you know, but it will be some time yet, I fear.

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