A New Year And A New Me Perhaps ?

1st January 2017

Happy New Year everyone. Did you welcome in the start of 2017 with a bang or a whimper ? I had a lovely evening at home with close friends. We played silly games that most of us didn’t understand and laughed till we cried at silly jokes. But it was a super evening where we all relaxed, ate good food and were happy to be in each others company.

new year


As a youngster I spent New Years Eve crawling from one local pub to another, wearing the most ridiculous fancy dress outfit, trying to chat to friends over the excessive loud music and the shouts of drunken people. I actually never enjoyed myself to be honest. I have never enjoyed alcohol and it became a relief five years ago to declare myself tee total. And in no way am I a party pooper ! I just prefer the taste and effect of soft drinks.

As soon as I had my first child ( at age 23 ) I retreated from the frivolities of New Years Eve, preferring to stay at home with my daughter and family. Even at that young age I loved our family parties consisting of my husband, and both our sets of parents. There was no pressure or stress, something I had always felt when going out in town on New Years Eve. I guess I have always been a home bird. I love the comfort and safety of home, a place I feel at ease and at peace. So thirty years later I find myself still enjoying New Years Eve in my own home surrounded by those I love, sipping sparkling mineral water and eating home made curry and chilli.


spending new year at home

Speaking to my husband this morning, we discussed the options of spending New Year Eve somewhere else next year, just for a change. He showed an interest in going abroad next year but I have to admit I was a bit lukewarm on the idea. I think I am just happy been at home in familiar surroundings with good friends. This raised a few questions for me. Do we get TOO comfortable as we get older ? Is it wrong to be content staying within our home environment, or should we break free looking for new adventures ?

There is a small part of me that is keen to push my boundaries and experience more of the big wide world. After suffering from anxiety many years I have honestly missed out on so many things. I guess that eventually I will get to an age where I am are not as mobile ( eeek, that sounds scary !) so perhaps I should take my chances for new adventures while I can.


new year new me

So, with that in mind I am planning new goals for myself for 2017. These are work and personal goals, but everyone of them has been planned so that I push myself outside my comfort zone. I am quite a laid back person who shies away from risk taking and adventures into the unknown and I think 2017 will be the year that I try to challenge this side of my personality.


planning my new year

Are you like me ? Someone who enjoys sitting in a comfort zone, scared of stepping outside the safe confines of what you know. Have you set yourself any goals for this year ? If so, I would love to hear what they are.  I am writing down these goals as I think they are more achievable if I can see them in black and white. I am also less likely to avoid them if they are in print, something I have done in the past. In all honesty I don’t want to be sat here in a years time regretting not pushing myself because of lousy excuses I made not to do something.


new goals

So I will report back on my progress over the next few months and let you know what my individual goals are and how well I am doing in achieving them. To be honest, writing about this on my blog is also making me accountable and gives me an extra incentive to be pro active and ‘do something’ !

So my dear friends. Happy New Year to you all. I wish you good health, happiness, peace, contentment and a cheeky Lottery win every now and then !

Until next time

Much love

Susanna xxx

8 responses to “A New Year And A New Me Perhaps ?”

  1. Toria says:

    Very thought-provoking, Susanna. I don’t think it’s just adventure we need to consider, but how to avoid getting stuck in too much routine. It’s important to keep trying out new activities, sports and hobbies, or listening to different genres of music, going to a new type of event or reading different kinds of books. Small daily changes can be as significant as white water rafting in the Grand Canyon (perhaps less fun). 🙂

    • Susanna says:

      Yes I agree Toria. It is too easy to become stuck in a rut. It’s easier to stick to familiar surroundings than to venture out into new experiences. I think this is especially true as we get older. Even our choice for breakfast can become routine. Trust me I would never think of white water rafting down the Grand Canyon ! Haha. I am going to try be a little braver this year but I am not that brave ! 😉 Thanks for posting xx

  2. Marilynne Lambert says:

    I so love New Year Sue. But my options have dwindled. Last year I went to my old school friends and we went out to the pub. I knew no-one there but tried to make to most of it. This year I invited the same friend (to come over and stay at mine for 10 days as I did at hers last year) We went to my local sports club. But again not many there who I knew. Then to crown it all at 10.30pm ish my friend wanted to go back to mine to watch TV!!!!!!! I was having none of that I just wanted it to be as it used to be!! Good fun with lots of friends around. But as soon as it got to 12 midnight she had her coat on ready to be off!!! The same happened 2 years before last where two older friends wanted to come out with me for New year. Even though I had told them that I loved to see the New Year in. I was the driver but yet again they wanted me to take them home before the New Year came in!!!! I stud my ground and said I was staying to the end as I know if I lost my parking space I would not get another when I get back!!! I hope that I do not sound mean but I just want a good time at New Year but others try to tell me what I should be doing and have spoilt it for me so many times!!!! Maybe I need some new friends for next year!!!!! I know I put so much into the fact that it is going to be wonderful and then come home disappointed all over again. Maybe I have all the memories of a younger me. I do not drink much more then a glass of wine but that does not stop me having fun. Any ideas for what or where I should be next year??? Just want a giggle with fun people! Has everyone gone to be such fuddle duddies??? xxx

    • Susanna says:

      Sorry you didn’t have a good time. I am not a great lover of NYE myself so we were in bed shortly after midnight ourselves. I think you would be best going to a large organised event as people are less likely to leave early if they have paid good money for a ticket. Perhaps look at Harrogate at some of the big hotels there and find someone like minded who would go with you. I don’t think NYE is the big event that it used to be. Even my own daughters stayed in at home this year, preferring it to a big noisy night out. That’s why you might be better travelling to a big city if you want to celebrate properly next year. Happy New Year to you. Hope you have a great year xx

  3. Nina Spener says:

    Happy New Year, We have been away for new year for the past 3 years I love it. We spend alot of time in Lanzarote so its like our second home. We up until this year stayed in our holiday villa. just nipping out for a drink then back to watch fireworks from our terrace.
    This year we went out and it was great however I do prefer cooking a nice meal having a walk on the beach then going home for a cuppa.

    • Susanna says:

      Nina, I saw your video of your New Year in Lanzarote and it looked amazing. My hubby wants to go abroad for NYE from now on and it is tempting. I’m not a lover of noisy parties etc but been somewhere with nice weather is always appealing and a walk on the beach sounds lovely. xx

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