My Christmas Day Plans for 2016.

22nd December 2016

Well, Christmas is here once again. Is it me or does Christmas seem to arrive quicker as we get older ? I remember as a young girl, the wait for Christmas seemed to take forever. And now the years are flashing by so quickly, it almost takes my breath away.



This year will be another quiet Christmas for us as a couple. Although we have five grown up children between us, we hardly ever spend Christmas Day with them as a family unit. As children become adults and their own family unit grows, they find themselves torn between lots of different families. And so most years we celebrate our Christmas Day on the 27th December. This is a bigger challenge than you would think as we have to buy the food before the 25th to be sure that we have everything. Have you ever tried to buy pigs in blankets on the 27th December ? Trust me, its practically impossible.


christmas dinner

On Christmas Day itself we treat it as a normal day with no Christmas dinner, crackers or the obligatory Xmas pudding. We walk our dog George in the morning usually by the river in our home town of Knaresborough. We are very blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country here in North Yorkshire. I have to admit as we walk round and see lots of families enjoying Christmas I do feel some sadness that I am not with my own daughters. I think I always imagined I would be surrounded by my family at Christmas but I do understand that sometimes it isn’t possible.


christmas walk

After a nice long walk we go collect my mum and bring her to our house for a nice lunch and an afternoon watching a Christmas film, which invariably means my mum or husband fall asleep, leaving me talking to the dog or even worse, singing along with Bing Crosby. This is when it hits me that I am getting old. Instead of looking for batteries for toys and standing on Lego, I am actually over excited at the thought of singing White Christmas with the dog.

We still exchange presents on Christmas Day but it is always strangely muted. There is absolutely nothing nicer than seeing a child open their presents from Santa. It is the most magical thing ever and can never be replicated with older children who don’t believe in Santa. This year I have bought my mum the same present as I buy her every year, a soft, cosy dressing gown from Marks and Spencer. The reason for this is that my mum refuses to wear her new dressing gown and keeps it in the wardrobe ‘ for best’ ! Now I remember the clothes we used to keep in the wardrobe as a young girl that could only be used for ‘best’. Of course, nowadays with the massive availability of cheap clothing hardly anyone keeps clothes for ‘best’. But I know my mum still goes through this old tradition so to ensure that she actually wears a dressing gown I have to buy her another one that becomes her ‘new best one’ and she takes the ‘old’ one out of the wardrobe. Does that make sense ? Probably not. To be honest it doesn’t make much sense to me either. I actually don’t keep anything for best. If I want to wear diamond earrings to clean in then I will ! Life is too short not to enjoy your treasured possessions.


christmas presents

My mum never stays long at our house at Christmas as she like to get home ‘before it gets dark’. Is that an ‘old thing’ too ? Will I soon be limited to been outside during daylight hours only ? Peter Kay, the fabulous British comedian once did a very funny sketch on his Nan who said she wanted to get home early ‘so she could draw the curtains and settle down’. I laughed at this years ago but I am now thinking this may be me in twenty years time ! What a thought.

So finally home alone my husband and I will enjoy a nice dinner together and watch something nice on TV snuggled on the sofa under the blankets. Although after a couple of whiskeys my better half will be snoring his head off within thirty minutes and I will be sneakily trying to grab the remote control from his tightly clenched fist.


So by 10pm on Christmas Day I will be sober ( I am tee total ) and sat with George my dog watching Poirot, Miss Marple or Midsomer Murders with a glass of Lemon San Pellegrino and a box of Marks and Spencer Chocolate Brazil Nuts. Yes, it seems a sad old way to celebrate Christmas but I always appreciate, and am so grateful for my wonderful life that is so privileged in so many ways. And in two days time I know I get to spend MY Christmas Day with all my wonderful family while the rest of you are fighting your way through the sales or laid out on the sofa knowing you ate too much Christmas Pudding.


christmas candle

I hope you all have an amazing, peaceful and happy Christmas holiday whatever you are doing ! Please comment below and let me know your plans for Christmas. Are you having a traditional Christmas or are you doing something unusual ?

Whatever you do I wish you all the best. Take care and I will see you all soon.

Much love

Susanna xx

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