Film Review Burn Burn Burn. October 2016.

Yes, yet another film night for myself and Mr L. Once again we ventured out to the Everyman Cinema in Harrogate to watch ‘Burn Burn Burn’. Just two days earlier I had seen the trailer for this film while waiting for ‘Inferno’ to start, which I covered in a previous post.


Burn Burn Burn film

I was intrigued as the film seemed to revolve around two young women, who had the interesting task of scattering their deceased friend’s ashes around the UK. This resonated with me so much as I had ( and still am ) doing much the same thing with my father’s ashes. As I had encountered weird looks and hushed whispers at what I was doing, I knew I NEEDED to see this film. It was almost like I was looking for vindication for my actions AND I knew my dad would approve too.

As this was part of a Premiere UK Tour to promote the film, there were limited seats left. I managed to snap up the last two ( thanks Dad ) and myself and Mr L found ourselves on the front row of Screen 5.


free popcorn during the film

Burn Burn Burn is a British film starring Laura Carmichael ( Downton Abbey ), Chloe Pirrie, Jack Farthing and a host of other well known British actors. Jane Asher, Alison Steadman, Sally Phillips, Nigel Planer and Matthew Kelly are a few that feature in this film. The film which I would describe as a tragicomedy is wonderfully directed by British director Chanya Button and written beautifully by Charlie Covell.

And so to the main plot of the film, which is centred around two close friends who are sent around the UK on a road trip to scatter their recently deceased friend’s ( Dan ) ashes at his request. The film follows their adventures around the country in a borrowed Volvo as they try fulfil their mission.  We see each of the girls’ emotional lives as they unravel before our eyes, all set against the background of their sombre journey to scatter Dan’s ashes.

Of course I can’t say too much as that would spoil it for you but this film touched me deeply and will remain with me for a long time. Burn Burn Burn is a comedy scattered with touches of huge emotion that could not fail to move the hardest of hearts. I felt so in touch with the characters as I followed their journey. I laughed frequently, I cried and I became thoughtful about my own life and vulnerability. I honestly have not been so moved by a film in such a long time ( and that was probably the time I watched Bambi as a 7 year old )

Yet, I also laughed and felt uplifted by the story line. Is that even possible ? To cry and laugh in the space of five minutes ? I wanted to hug the characters as their life fell apart and to rejoice with them when they reached a positive turning point. And the end scene affected me more than any other. The beautiful photography and sentiment at the end of the film was just wonderful and will remain with me for a long time.

But hey ! I am giving too much away now ! What else can I say ? Except go see Burn Burn Burn now if you get chance. This is a British film on a small budget which needs our support. But more than that, you will LOVE this film. So please go see it and be prepared to go through an assortment of emotions and come away thinking ‘ Yes ! That was a great film !’

At the end of the screening the producer of the film Daniel Konrad Cooper spoke to us about the background and the logistics of making such a film. I enjoyed this question and answer portion to the evening as it is so interesting and inspiring to hear. As cinema goers we don’t really think about the actual making of a film do we ? I would love this to happen more after film screenings as it provides a useful and interesting background for the viewers.


producer of the film

Question and Answer time.

We also got to talk to the producer after the screening on an individual basis which was lovely.  I was able to relay to him my own story about my own personal journey around the UK with my dads ashes in tow. Mr L even told Daniel that he enjoyed Burn Burn Burn as much ( if not more ) than ‘Inferno’ which we had seen two nights previous. That’s praise enough coming from my husband as he is a real Tom Hanks fan !


film producer

Myself with Daniel the producer of Burn Burn Burn

As for me and my mission to scatter my dad’s ashes at all his favourite places ? Well, so far I have scattered them in five different places. Some more than others were more difficult to gain access, but that story is for another day !


car in the film

Posing with Betsy the famous Volvo from the film Burn Burn Burn

We had an amazing night at the special screening of Burn Burn Burn. Fantastic film, yummy food, great staff.  Heck, we even got a free box of popcorn too ! Thanks Everyman ! Please go see Burn Burn Burn when you can. I know you will enjoy it as much as I did. And when you see Dan’s ashes in the little tupperware box, think of me and my dad’s ashes in my little wooden pot.

Until next time my friends.

Susanna xx


  1. Liz
    2nd November 2016 / 10:55 am

    Sounds like my kind of film ! Looks like you had a good night out xx

    • Susanna
      2nd November 2016 / 10:56 am

      Fabulous night out Liz. And such a good film. You should go see it if you get chance xx

      • 31st December 2017 / 10:49 am

        Susanna –
        Thanks for this kind post! Our film Burn Burn Burn now lives on Netflix following its limited run in cinemas last year. We’re thrilled that more people can now see it and keen to spread the news that it’s a hidden gem in the sea of rubbish!

        The director Chanya’s next film is called Vita&Virginia and is a whole lot bigger and should be out in 2018. I worked with her again on that, but have also done a Brit comedy titled “Dead In A Week (or your money back)” that I think you’ll enjoy when it’s released. Watch out!

        • Susanna
          9th January 2018 / 10:46 am

          Hi Daniel. Thanks for this. I will certainly look out for the new film. Burn Burn Burn was an amazing film and hubby and I still talk about it now, so I’m glad to hear it is on Netflix so we can watch it again and I will certainly spread the news that it is on there ! x

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