Date Night At The Everyman Cinema Harrogate

I love going to the cinema. I know fewer people go now due to the earlier releases of films, and with the vast choice of DVD’s and satellite TV. But I love the whole experience that comes with visiting a cinema and the excitement of seeing a film on a big screen.

And so Mr L and I ventured into Harrogate to watch the new Tom Hanks film Inferno at the new Everyman Cinema in the centre of town. The cinema is an imposing building located close to the railways station and car parks so it is very accessible.


The new Everyman Cinema Harrogate


The public areas in the cinema are just amazing with cosy sofas literally everywhere. Up the stairs is the bar area with plenty of seating ( cosy sofas again), a spacious and well stocked bar and an abundance of friendly, helpful staff.


cinema bar entrance


cosy seating in cinema bar


bar in cinema


We were a little early for the 8pm screening but a really helpful staff member offered to show us round. There is a good extensive menu available with more than the usual popcorn and sweets which makes a nice change. Best of all you can have your food delivered to your seat in the screening room just before the start of the film. How amazing is that ?

The cinema in Harrogate also has a private bar that can be hired for private functions such as birthdays etc. Screen 5 ( which we were in ) can also be hired for private functions which is a great idea for special occasions.

So we were in Screen room 5 for our film which was a small room with cosy sofas ( again ) and a small table for each couple to use for drinks and food. There was also a nice wooden step in front of the seats which I presume is for resting your feet on. That’s what we used it for anyway ! I think in total there was seating for about 46 people in this particular screen room which felt very homely and cosy.


Screen 5 in the cinema


And so to the film itself. What can I say ? Inferno was AMAZING ! Starring Tom Hanks and directed by Ron Howard and from the book by Dan Brown, it’s definitely a film worth watching. It was wall to wall adventure, suspense and ‘edge of the seat’ viewing. I haven’t been gripped by a film like that in such a long time. Mind you, I don’t think I have ever seen a bad film with Tom Hanks or Ron Howard so it was a sure bet.


ready to watch Inferno at the cinema

And my view on the Everyman Cinema ? It was fabulous. I can’t fault it. I love the style and ambience of the cinema. The facilities are top class and the staff are just so friendly and helpful. It was a total package, a complete experience. Long gone are the days of rushing into a cinema and paying inflated prices for uncomfortable seating, poor facilities and unhelpful staff.

Yes, I paid more for the experience than an average cinema ( £13 per adult ticket) but it was well worth it and I cannot wait to go again. The films change and update every Friday but they have a good website so it is easy to check what’s on. You can also book online which is an easy process and it ensures you get the seats you want.

Have you ever been to an Everyman Cinema ? What are your thoughts on it ? Did you enjoy the whole experience and was it worth paying the extra money ?

Until next time dear friends


Susanna xx

everyman cinema



  1. 29th October 2016 / 7:34 am

    That is how a cinema experience should be. Perfect. We have Cineworld near us. An entirely different experience. I’ll look up that Everyman because it sounds like a chain from your description.

    • Susanna
      31st October 2016 / 8:12 am

      Yes I agree Annemarie. I loved the luxury and comfort of the Everyman cinema and the customer service was excellent. Yes it is more expensive but I guess its like anything else in life. You get what you pay for. It was actually so good, we went two nights later to watch something else. xx

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