My On-Off Relationship With Exercise.

I know you are expecting a blog about exercise, but first of all I need to explain why I haven’t posted in a while. And yes, it is exercise related.  Two months ago I managed to tear a muscle in my left bicep AND I also acquired a Rotator Cuff injury in my right shoulder while playing tennis. Yes, amazing isn’t it ? In the space of a couple of weeks I suddenly had issues with both my arms.

Well, I rested both arms thinking that would do the trick. I stopped all exercise, even gentle stretches at home, but my injuries just got worse. I finally visited my GP who tested me for various ailments ( some of which were a little scary ). The end result was the above diagnosis and so I found myself heading to the physiotherapist or physio terrorist as I like to call them !


physiotherapist and exercise


I am still having weekly physio sessions but I am glad to say things are improving, although it is slow going. I have been told it could be a year recovery. What ??!! So back to the title of this blog post and my theme for today which is exercise. After conversations with my physio and GP I have come to the conclusion that regular exercise is crucial to general well being. This is both physical and emotional and ESPECIALLY as we get older.

According to the NHS information website, there is strong evidence that people who exercise have a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, some cancers, depression and dementia. Regular exercise also strengthens our core muscles in our body which helps prevent falls. It also gives us a improved stability throughout our body.

Exercise is beneficial for preventing anxiety and panic attacks that I do suffer from. Endorphins released during physical activity create a sense of well being and happiness making us less prone to low mood and anxiety. Exercising also helps burn off adrenalin which can be a great help to people suffering from panic attacks.

One of the best ways for me to deal with a panic attack is to put on my trainers and go run outside as quick as I can. Doing this I find that the attack disappears quicker as I am burning off the excess adrenalin that is causing my body to go into ‘fight or flight’ mode.

So back to my exercise regime which, quite frankly has been dreadful over the last twelve months. I have no excuse to be honest. It is pure laziness and apathy. I have played tennis at my own pace and swum occasionally and sat on a bike in the gym while watching Poirot on the TV.

I did an exercise App by Laura Hamilton which I will review at a later stage which was amazing. However when I injured my arms I stopped it which was a shame as it worked so well. It improved my fitness and really helped me lose weight and tone up my body.

So now I am here, feeling unfit, in pain and a stone overweight and I am NOT happy with myself. I realise that we have to take more care of ourselves as we get older. This is especially true when we are in menopause and going through so many changes. It is all up to me. No one can do it for me.

The irony is, that quite possibly I wouldn’t have had such a bad injury had I been fit and healthy. I certainly would have recovered quicker. I have also been using my arm injuries as an excuse not to do ANY exercise at all. This is ridiculous as there are plenty of other exercises I could do.

So from this week I have vowed to change my exercise routine and my attitude towards it. Gone are the excuses and in is the determination that I will make exercise a daily routine in my life. This is for my health essentially and if, in the process I lose a little weight and tone up then that will be an added bonus.

So what have I done to help improve my situation ? Well, I have started writing in my diary my exercise sessions. I read somewhere that if you actually write your exercise session in your diary as an appointment then you are more likely to stick to it.


make a date in your diary for exercise

I have also booked in with a friend for yoga and pilates classes and we have arranged to swim twice a week. If you actually buddy up with someone then you are more likely to go. My husband and I have also booked evenings for us to go the gym and have a set programme to work to. My husband loves the gym and is very motivated and so he will be encouraging me. I need this as I am not the greatest fan of the gym.

I shall also be returning to using my exercise App by Laura Hamilton ( available on the App Store ). I really liked this exercise routine as it doesn’t take too long and you can do it easily in your living room. The videos are easy to follow and there are different sessions for beginners and more advanced. This way you can build up your fitness without feeling overwhelmed.


yoga is a great form of exercise


So I am writing this after my first yoga session and although I ache a little, I feel like I have achieved something. It didn’t take long. It was just an hour out of my time and the benefits will be fantastic. Tomorrow is swim day so I will give myself a little target of how many lengths I can do. I am still under treatment from my physio but I will take it easy and not let these arm injuries stop me.

I will let you know how I get on. In the meantime, let me know your exercise routine. Do you think it’s enough ? Are you looking for improvement or even motivation ? How do you motivate yourself to get moving ? I would love to know as I could do with help and some tips.


Until next time dear friends, take care and will be back soon.

Susanna xx




  1. Liz
    7th October 2016 / 10:53 am

    Great post and some good ideas about how to get motivated which I too struggle with. I like the diary idea and making exercise a routine in life. And YES I always do better when I have a friend to go with. I guess we can’t make excuses not to go if someone is waiting at the door for us. 😉
    Liz x

    • Susanna
      7th October 2016 / 10:57 am

      Thanks Liz.
      Yes ! That would be funny trying to skip out of going to the gym when your friend is waiting for you. Haha. xx

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