My never ending struggle with shoes !

Most women love shoes and handbags. Women all round the world just have a craving for pretty shoes and bags regardless of the state of their bank account. Except for me ! Well, I LOVE handbags as anyone will know and have a handbag for just about any occasion, but shoes fill me with dread.

You see, I have ‘funny’ feet. Well, to be honest I have ONE funny foot that continues to make shoe buying a traumatic event for me any time of the year. I can hear you saying ” Well come on then Susanna, tell us the story behind the ‘funny’ foot. Well, ok then, here we go.

About nine years ago I had a bad accident roller skating in the street outside my house. Yes, I was 44 years old and still fooled into thinking I could skate like a 16 year old. Although I’m not too sure I could skate well at sixteen to be fair. The result of this fall was a badly broken ankle and leg. In fact my foot had rotated 180 degrees so it was facing the wrong way. Don’t worry I won’t be producing any photos but you get the idea.

I needed a three hour operation, a weeks stay in hospital and intensive physio for six months to learn to walk again. During the operation though, I was given a nice, shiny titanium plate and various pins to hold it all together. I had always loved The Bionic Woman as a youngster but suddenly playing Jamie Summers in real life was not all it was cracked up to be. And there we have it. My foot has never been the same again.

So back to the problem with shoes. As you can imagine buying shoes suddenly became a nightmare after my accident. I would spend many embarrassing hours in shoe shops trying on every single shoe in the shop only to leave empty handed due to the poor fit or the pain I felt wearing the shoe. I always felt awkward going into the shops as I knew it was highly likely I would be disappointed. I would feel so guilty for having the sales assistant run round after me and for her to watch me leave the shop empty handed yet again.

I eventually stopped going to shoe shops as it just became too much of an ordeal and I remember wearing flip flops or trainers for most outings. I dreaded been invited to weddings or formal social events and if I was, I would buy a cheap pair to wear for the main event and then sneak a pair of flip flops in to change into later when no one was watching.

However I got talking to a lady socially who said she also had an issue with shoes and she asked me if I had tried Primark for ballerina style pumps as she found they were the comfiest shoes for her foot problem. So off I toddled into Primark and bought a pair of ballerina style pumps to try. I have to say they were AMAZING. They fit my feet perfectly including my bionic leg, and they were so comfortable. Oh and did I mention they looked pretty too ?

So there I was, at last feeling comfortable and fashionable and all for £4. Of course I rushed back and bought up various styles of these ballerina pumps and to this day I still buy pumps from Primark. Yes, they don’t last as long as the more expensive shoe ranges but for me its all about getting shoes that are comfy and look stylish. I am really not sure why these particular shoes fit so well but it seems to be the back of the shoe that does not have such a rigid frame to it. It is this that hurts my ankle in other shoes. The plate in my leg seems to be very close to the surface so is irritated easily.

Anyway since then I have found Next and Marks & Spencer to be a great source of shoes for me and I have a few of their smaller heeled shoes for special occasions although I cannot wear heels for long as my ankle doesn’t seem to flex well. Gross, I know, but if the shoe fits……



My super comfy ballerina shoes from Primark and these were only £2 a pair in the sale !


I admit summer shoes are not usually a problem for me as they are usually open backed and so they don’t irritate my ankle. I love wearing flip flops as I find them so easy to wear and there are some great styles out there.  Flip flops used to be boring, plastic and generally one hit wonders when I was younger but now they come with all kinds of embellishments and fancy designs. I LOVE these flip flops I have by Faith as they are so glitzy and suitable for wearing during the day or on a summers evening. I wear these all the time on holiday and they go well with shorts or a more formal maxi dress. I have seen many beautiful flip flops in shops this summer so have a look round. As its nearly the end of August you may find a lot of them are now in the sale. I bought these last year I think but there are many similar diamante / rhinestone designs on the market.



My favourite flip flop complete with sparkly diamante. Perfect for a summers evening.


As some of you will know I have a dog whom I walk in all weathers. I obviously have wellies for the rain and the snow that we get here in the UK ( more rain than snow sadly ) The best wellies I have found ( and I have had a few ) are from Joules.  Joules is a British fashion and lifestyle brand that sells the most scrummiest and cutest clothing ever. Look on their website at all the amazing designs and prepare to be tempted to buy something. Anyway back to the wellies. Joules wellies not only come in the most gorgeous designs but they are incredibly tough and hard wearing. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE them ( and this post is NOT sponsored by Joules ! ) I even bought a coat from Joules to match these wellies ! Yes ! I look like a giant dalmatian !




For those times out walking when the weather isn’t quite so bad I love my little grey suede ankle boots from Seasalt. Seasalt is another fantastic British company selling the most gorgeous clothing and accessories with the cutest designs inspired by and designed in Cornwall. These boots are so soft for my ‘funny’ ankle and are still sturdy enough to walk in.





Finally to my last favourite pair of casual shoes. I absolutely LOVE my Vans ! I have Vans pumps in black and white. I know they are associated with younger people but after trying them I just can’t not wear them. They are unbelievably comfortable and look so neat and tidy. I have worn these on foreign holidays on long sightseeing days and they never hurt my feet, even if they become over heated.  I wear the white ones with summer dresses and I wear the black ones for walking the dog. They seem to last for ages and don’t seem to look worn for such a long time. They have a good grip on the bottom which makes them ideal for ladies who are not as sure footed as they used to be.


Vans Authentic, Unisex-Adults’ Low-Top Trainers, True White, 5 UK



My white Vans pumps. LOVE them.


Well, I hope you enjoyed my personal account of my shoe buying issues. What are your favourite shoes ? Do any of you have issues buying shoes like I do ? If so, can you recommend any shoe retailers that I can try. I really am on the look out for more formal shoes that have a high degree of comfort but that don’t irritate my ‘funny’ foot.

Until next time.

Much Love

Susanna x


  1. Toria Forsyth-Moser
    25th August 2016 / 11:00 am

    I love your photos, you should have been a photographer!

    • Susanna
      25th August 2016 / 1:48 pm

      Aw thank you Toria. Its a work in progress. I do read a lot of tutorials as I have so much to learn but hopefully they will keep improving. xx

  2. Marilynne Lambert
    25th August 2016 / 11:56 am

    I remember your accident very well. It was so bad. Poor you. Something so easily done but coursed so many years of anguish.
    I also have shoe issues due to wide feet and toes that point the opposite way to the way the toe of the shoes usually point! I found that I got most of my shoes from BHS! So sad that they are have closed down now!!! (I am thankful that I have already bought a good amount of them) I need a nice soft shoes, but not a big heal. I found it very hard to get nice shoes that I can wear with posh dresses. Not so many problems with shoes to wear with jeans!! All the best with your blog.

    • Susanna
      25th August 2016 / 1:53 pm

      Thanks Marilynne. Yes I know. All this from a silly roller skating accident. Crazy isn’t it ? Yes ! Good point I also have had shoes from BHS. In fact i got some shoes for a wedding there and they were quite comfortable. But yes, I agree there are few formal shoes for people like us. I love the glitzy shoes that would go nicely with my very nice cocktail dresses but I just cant find any that fit properly or are comfortable enough to wear. I can get flats but they are not the same are they ? Oh well, if you find any let me know xxx

  3. Cassandra
    31st August 2016 / 7:20 pm

    Hi Susanna, this blog on shoes has really helped me, as since my operation I have struggled to find shoes to fit me as I have really wide feet. (I must explain that I had a sex change that’s the operation I’m referring to) all these suggestions have fitted perfectly and are so comfy!!!

    Thanks Cassandra x x x

    • Susanna
      1st September 2016 / 12:36 pm

      Hi Cassandra. I am SO happy that you love my blog and that it has helped you with your shoe issue. It is a nightmare isn’t it ? We want to wear comfortable shoes but we also want to look good but many shoe manufacturers don’t seem to be able to make shoes to help people like us. If you find any more great shoes let me know !
      Susanna xx

  4. Gill
    22nd March 2017 / 3:33 pm

    I sympathise, I really do – I had an accident 5 years back falling from the second from bottom step on my son’s stairs. I smashed 3 bones, took chips out of a couple more, and like you, the foot was at right angles, having torn all of the ligaments too. (The hospital brought in a foot specialist and he said the only thing holding my foot on was basically skin … barf!!) I was in hospital for 3 weeks, 300 miles from home, then non-weight bearing for 5 months – it was such a horrible, depressing time. We have so much in common lol, I’ve got the metal plates and pins (stainless steel in my case, and I’m allergic to nickel, so you can imagine the problems THAT has caused!!) and the scars, and the not-so-flexible foot and ankle, which means heels are unbearable. 🙁 As a shoe-aholic, this has been a hard thing to come to terms with – I’m not done with it yet though, I WILL get back into heels! But it’s “nice” to know someone can actually understand how it feels to suddenly have this life-changing thing happen. It sounds silly calling something like a broken ankle life changing, but it certainly was for us and continues to be so.
    Sorry for the long comment lol, I’ve just found your blog and just had to empathise with you. 🙂 x

    • Susanna
      23rd March 2017 / 4:56 pm

      Aw Gill. Am so sorry for your accident. It sounds horrendous and I fully understand the long slog back to full health. I thought I would never walk again at one stage. It will never be the same will it ? My foot is somehow different to the other although I’m not surprised considering the amount of metal in there ! I still can’t tolerate heels even after all this time. I’m not sure I ever will. I have some small kitten heels but after about an hour I just want to put my slippers on ! Look at me ! Sounding old. Haha. Thank you so much for stopping by to read my blog. Let me know when you get into those heels ! Lots of love. Susanna xx

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