Make Up Masterclass with Bobbi Brown, Harrogate.

I love make up. Whether it’s to hide black under eye circles caused by lack of sleep or to try cover up that grey, dull skin that comes with the menopause, make up is an essential part of my life. For the last thirty years though, I have honestly been stuck in a rut with my make up. I lead a busy life, but that is not the issue with my make up. I think as we get older we get comfortable in our lives and thus we resist change. It’s just easy to buy the same style clothes, have the same hair style, eat the same food and yes, wear the same make up.

So I was so excited to be invited to a make up masterclass along with another blogger friend Manraj from Northern Bindi at the Bobbi Brown store in Harrogate. I took this as my chance to get out of the make up rut I am in and learn from one of the top make up companies in the world. I have used Bobbi Brown before so it is not a total new experience for me. However, I needed advice on what products would be good for me and my mature skin.


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Enjoying the make up masterclass with Manraj of Northern Bindi.


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The Bobbi Brown shop in Harrogate is a beautiful store with elegant, feminine decor which gives a relaxing, welcoming feeling to customers. To enhance that customer service even more, the staff at the shop are amazing. I mean that sincerely too. They are welcoming, friendly and VERY knowledgeable about their products. The staff are also not excessively heavily made up and pushy, which as a more mature lady I find very intimidating.  Last year I had a make over at a top cosmetic brand ( who will remain nameless. ) Quite honestly I looked like a lap dancer ! Anyway I digress but you get the picture ?


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So for the masterclass we were welcomed by Aoife and Ellie who would be showing us round some of the new make up range. Later on we were able to receive personal advice on our own make up issues. So we watched while Aoife skillfully applied a day time, followed by a night time look to Ellie, her model for the evening.


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make up


After the demonstration was over and we had enjoyed bubbly ( non alcoholic for me ) and a vast array of yummy chocolates, we headed downstairs for our own consultation. While waiting for my consultation I had a good look round the store, wide eyed at the fabulous colour array of products. It was like stepping into a treasure trove full of jewelled goodies. I almost didn’t know where to start. But that is the beauty of asking the staff for their expert opinion. You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. And so, when my consultation began I was able to talk to Ellie about what kind of look I wanted and, importantly, what issues I wanted hiding !


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I have dark circles under my eyes ( probably from insomnia ) and this was a real issue for me that I wanted corrected. I was advised to use the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer which comes with a finishing powder and it was AMAZING ! Honestly girls, this concealer blows every other concealer out of the water. Not only did it cover up my dark circles but it brightened up my whole under eye area. I genuinely cannot stop raving about this product as I look so much healthier and I feel better about myself.

I also bought three other products after Ellie demonstrated them on my face. This included one of their new matt lipsticks which so many people are raving about on social media. The shade I chose was Red Carpet which I find is such a versatile colour. I only have to apply a small amount of this for a day time look. For a special night time look I just add more layers. It is truly a stunning colour and so long lasting. In fact, I find myself having to remove it late at night as it hasn’t worn off.

For my other two products I concentrated on eye make up as I was running low on my stocks at home. I have used eye liner gel for many years from another brand. However, I was intrigued to try Bobbi Brown eye gel as they had a wider variety of colours. As I wanted to try a different colour from the usual obligatory black I went for Cypress Ink which is a deep matt green. After a few days of trying it I can report that I really am loving this change in colour. It isn’t as harsh as my usual black but still gives great definition. And, as you would expect it is long lasting and doesn’t smudge at all.

My final purchase was an eyeshadow. This was from their range Long Wear Cream Shadow which I have used before and found really lovely to use. As I normally go for a neutral shade I thought I would have a change and so I went for the shade, Sandy Gold. Although this is basically a neutral colour it has a slight shimmer in it and so is perfect for day or night. Plus, all girls like a bit of shimmer don’t we ?


make up

My products I chose.


In conclusion I had a wonderful time at the store in Harrogate and I left clutching my goody bag and purchases and felt very happy. I learnt so much and was very impressed with the knowledge of all the Bobbi Brown staff who are obviously very well trained, not just in products, but in customer service. What a refreshing change to not feel intimidated because of my age.

I did learn something VERY important though. Ladies, ALWAYS get expert opinion on your choice of make up. It is so easy to dash into a shop, grab a lipstick because it looks ‘nice’ and then regret our purchase on returning home. It is such a waste of money. I cannot tell you how many mistakes I have made buying the wrong kind of make up.

What are your experiences of buying make up ? Do you often feel awkward buying make up ? Have you tried using Bobbi Brown products before ? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time dear friends

Much love

Susanna xx

** Thank you to Bobbi Brown for inviting me to the Masterclass evening. As always my words and opinions are my own **



  1. Marilynne Lambert
    22nd September 2018 / 11:03 am

    It is always so nice to have a makeover and try new things. I so need things that help with concealing wrinkles!!! Next time I am in town I will go have a look at their range.

    • Susanna
      25th September 2018 / 1:59 am

      You should go pay them a visit Marilynne. Their range is fabulous and I was there today for my wedding make up trial. They really did make my skin look flawless. I was stunned at how good it looked. xx

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