My August Favourites – A Summer Collection.

20th August 2016

So we are well into summer here in the UK as it’s the middle of August but as I’m writing this its pouring down outside, but that’s the great British weather for you. I love hearing about other people’s favourite items especially beauty products as I love to try different things and it’s good for us to come out of our comfort zone once in a while.

So I have put together a few items that I have loved this summer. Some of them are specifically holiday items but can be used if you are travelling abroad at other times of the year. I have recently got back from a holiday in Portugal and will be going to Spain next month so I will be getting these favourites out again.



My August Favourites.


First up for my August favourites are my constant companions in my life, my gorgeous Frends headphones. I cannot rave about these enough. Not only do they look good but they are perfect for my needs. You see, I have something to tell you….I have small ears. Yes, I do ! Along with many millions of other women. And at last a company have seen the light and designed headphones specifically for women ( and their small ears ). No more wearing large unsightly headphones that make us look like a pretend D.J in a club somewhere in Ibiza. AND more importantly girls…they LOOK AMAZING ! Yay, no more black, ugly headphones that spoil our stunning outfit that took us an hour to put together. My headphones are just the prettiest ever with the white leather base, rose gold outer caps ( which can be changed with other designs ) and soft memory foam cushions which actually mold to your ears. AND they are angled so that you can wear earrings with them ! Wow ! I have the Layla headphones which is the on ear design. They also fold down and come in a cute carrying case, perfect for travel.


Please click here for more info on the headphones Layla Rose Gold



My absolute favourite headphones. Layla by Frends


Next on my August favourite list is a selection of Essie nail polishes. I LOVE Essie ! The range of colours is amazing and I am tempted everytime I walk into Boots as they all look so pretty. Last summer I was really into the bright neon colours such as orange and lime but this year I chose these colours as they were still summery but a little more subtle. The mint green one is called Turquoise & Caicos, the lilac one is called Lilacism and the gorgeous baby blue one is called Bikini So Teeny which is perhaps the cutest name ever ! I find that Essie polishes don’t chip quickly and priced at about £7.99 each I think they are great value. At the time of writing there is an offer on at Boots on Essie products which is buy 1 get the 2nd half price which is a great deal.



Ooh. Which colour to choose today ?


Next on my August list is an essential if you are going to a hot country at any time of year, but equally great for a hot British summer ( yes, we do get them sometimes ).  Magicool is an old favourite of mine and I have used this for years. I am using it a lot more now as it’s fabulous for my hot flushes which sadly are not a result of me sunning myself on a beach somewhere. No… its the dreaded menopause ladies. So if you are suffering with the hot flushes / flashes then this baby will become your best friend. Its AMAZING. It cools you and your surroundings down instantly. I have also used it on my children and on my pets to stop them becoming over heated. Its like air conditioning in a can ( but without the noise !) Don’t forget to pop it in your checked in luggage though as the nice security people at the airport will confiscate it if they find it in your hand luggage. ( Cannot begin to tell you how many items I have inadvertently packed in my hand luggage and had to leave them behind ! Brain fog I think they call it !)


Please click here for more info Magicool Hot Weather Cooling Spray 200ml



Air Con in a can ! The best friend of any menopausal lady.


My next August favourite is my trusty Elemis Liquid Layer. I have been using this for years and I use it EVERY day, even during the winter. We should all use sunscreen for our face all year round, not just in the summer as it helps protect against premature ageing and more importantly against skin cancer. This is a water resistant barrier sunscreen for the face with an SPF of 30. I apply it after my moisturiser on a morning but you can reapply it during the day if you need to. This tube is 40ml and as you only need a small amount each time you apply, it lasts for months and so is great value. Plus Elemis is a great British brand !



Keep young and beautiful by using an every day sunscreen ( not to mention keeping away any nasty skin condition )


Next up in my August favourites is a fabulous instant tan product by another great British company called Tropic Skincare. I LOVE to have a healthy tan all year round. It makes me feel better as I think I look healthier ( It also makes my legs look slimmer !) BUT I don’t like sitting in the sun or under a sunbed for obvious health reasons. So I do use a gradual self tan. HOWEVER, I am always forgetting to apply the tan in time for when we go out. Do you do the same ? I am getting ready and I think ” Oh no ! I haven’t tanned my legs !” Of course there is then no time to apply the tan as it can take four hours so this little beauty by Tropic is a must.

It is a instant tanning serum called  Instant Glow which means you apply it to your body and hey presto.. you are tanned in a flash ! No waiting around so you can literally apply it on the way out of the house ( which I have done on many occasions ) Tropic call it a Leg Serum but I use it all over my body to be honest. Tropic are a skincare company who create all natural skincare products so this serum is also good for your skin and is suitable for vegans.  The serum is infused with Vitamin E, Arnica Oil and Coffee Butter so it hydrates as well as tans. The best thing of all. it has Gold Mica in the product which gives a gorgeous skin luminosity with just a hint of glitter on the skin. It’s just lovely ladies and a great product to keep in your bathroom cabinet for those times you want a nice healthy glow.



If you forget to apply your gradual fake tan then this is your saviour.


My final item on my August list are Mosquito Bands. I know, we don’t like the little blighters that ruin our holiday so its good that there are lots of anti mosquito products on the market. I will be honest, I have tried them all. Plug ins,  sprays, creams, weird things that go round the door frame but these wrist bands are the best that I have tried so far. They are great for all ages and so can be used for children.

Each wrist band comes in a sealed pack and is impregnated with natural essential oil which is non toxic, has no Deet in it and is effective for seven days after opening. Because the bands come in bright colours and are an easy to wear bracelet these are especially suitable for children. I wear them on my wrists and on my ankles as I find mozzies tend to attack my feet more. They can be used outdoors too and I didn’t find them too ugly looking as from a distance they really do just look like bracelets.  For me these really work and they are great value for money at £9.99 for 12 bracelets.


Please click here for more info Mudder Insect Mosquito Repellent Bracelets Wrist Bands for Outdoor and Indoor Protection, 12 Pack



Avert a Mozzie Attack with these wrist bands.


Well I think that concludes my August favourites list. I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite products. please let me know what your favourite summer products are. Have you tried any of the above items ? If so, what did you think ?

I hope you all have a great August although, as I am typing this I am looking out of my window at the pouring rain with no immediate prospect of the sun coming out to play today. Still, I have Spain to look forward to in a few weeks so touch wood they won’t have any unseasonal winter weather the day I arrive !


Until next time

Much love

Susanna x

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  1. Toria Forsyth-Moser says:

    those mozzie bracelets look like a great idea, will try for sure. i get bitten a lot while gardening. thanks for sharing.

    • Susanna says:

      They are great Toria as they are easy to use and natural. Mozzies are such a pain even in this country. Good luck with them xx

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