Yes, yet another film night for myself and Mr L. Once again we ventured out to the Everyman Cinema in Harrogate to watch ‘Burn Burn Burn’. Just two days earlier I had seen the trailer… View Post

I love going to the cinema. I know fewer people go now due to the earlier releases of films, and with the vast choice of DVD’s and satellite TV. But I love the whole experience… View Post

I am a magpie for any beauty samples, as I love to try new things in a bid to get away from been stuck in a rut using the same old products. So when I… View Post

,To many people menopause is a topic for jokes ( especially from men ) and something that happened to your grandma years ago. We read about it in women’s magazines but other than that it… View Post

About ten years ago I was told I had to go on a low salt diet by my doctor which meant only one thing to me ! ” NO more crisps !” I have always… View Post