I have been making these pancakes for a few years now as a healthy alternative to the traditional pancake recipe. I usually make them on a Sunday morning when I have a bit more time.… View Post

This week sees the 1st birthday of my first grandchild Rory, and so I thought it was appropriate to look at my first full year as a grandparent. I can remember the exact day my… View Post

I have suffered from panic attacks for about thirty years and still they scare the life out of me, with their unpredictability and suddenness. I am no expert on panic attacks but I do know… View Post

I have suffered stress at numerous times of my life as I am sure you have too. It can affect us in so many ways, especially our health. We all have different ways of coping… View Post

As most dog lovers know, booking a holiday with your beloved pet can be fraught with difficulty, so when my dog George and I ( oh, and Tony the husband came too ) were invited… View Post