It will be Easter Sunday in just over a week and I am having the whole family round for Sunday lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. My grandson Rory is three this September so he… View Post

Bloom & Wild are a British company specialising in letter box fresh flower deliveries and I was recently sent one of their boxes, so I would like to share my review of the flowers with… View Post

I LOVE receiving flowers don’t you ? And even if I don’t receive any ( hint hint to the husband here !) then I always make sure I have fresh flowers in the house. Somehow… View Post

Hello again ! Last time I talked about clutter and what it is and how it can affect us. Today I am going to write about how to start to clear this clutter to help… View Post

Personally I think decluttering is the first step to leading a more simple life. Why ? Because it is the easiest way we can feel that we have accomplished a step forward.  Clutter, whether it… View Post